Warehousing AND Distribution

Warehousing and Distribution

We offer a highly customisable warehouse and distribution solution at the Port of Cork, perfect for import/export or local businesses that require extra capacity.
A total of 50,000 sq feet of ambient storage over 4 units, available on contract basis or as short term storage.
Contact us with your requirements and we’ll design a storage and distribution solution that works for your needs.
Ideal for Local Businesses
Perfect if you are a business in the Cork area looking for extra storage.
Handling and Transhipping Service
We can transfer loads from container to trailer and vice versa; we will also re-stack or rework your load if required. This allows us to take goods in from anywhere in the world and ship them onwards to match your requirements. 
CCTV (monitored 24/7) and robust physical security measures are in place on-site.
Inward Load Consolidation
We can take in smaller LCL loads from multiple destinations and ship onwards as one consolidated load. This will appeal to larger importers trading with the UK in a post Brexit scenario. 
Your Irish Distribution Hub
We can take goods from all over the world into our customs bonded warehouse and re-organise into full-loads, pallets or packages, whatever you require. This means we can act as your national distribution hub in Ireland, offering quick and reliable delivery.
Built for Speed
Our location at Port of Cork is close to the M8, N25 and N40, allowing quick access to the national road network.
Customs Bonded
Our customs bonded warehouse means your shipment can be customs cleared without delay, which gives you a competitive advantage, particularly for post-Brexit trade with the UK.
We have equipment to handle palletless loading, along with heavy and awkward loads.
Stock Level Visibility
Our stock management system  can be integrated with your ERP system, or we can provide a web portal so you can view your current stock levels.