Other Freight Services

Other Freight SERVICES

Air Freight
Leveraging our global network, we offer Air Freight services  for  time-critical cargo to and  from Ireland, the UK and Europe. Our team can also tailor a bespoke solution, combining sea and air carriers to match your budget and requirements. 
Reverse Logistics  
Our reverse logistics solutions have helped many customers to capture value and responsibly dispose or recycle items such as key components, packaging and other materials. 
Supply Chain Guidance 
Our experienced staff are  on hand to help optimise your global supply-chain and advise on the best way to meet your logistics requirements.
Network Building 
Our global network gives us access to agents on the ground across the world. We leverage this to help our customers  establish connections and open up new markets. 
Web Portals 
Our web portals offer customers a full range of services including cargo tracking, updated shipping schedules and e-commerce facilities for dealing with customs, vat and duty.
Freight and Cargo Insurance  
We can arrange competitive insurance cover on your behalf.

Supply Chain Management
In today’s volatile business environs companies must be able to speedily adapt to sudden market shifts, fluctuating economic climates and pressing environmental impact issues in order to maintain their market share and guarantee the continual viability of their operation. The outbreak of Covid-19 and subsequent market collapse really proved this point.
However, we at National Seaways have a Supply Chain Management Service that is well managed and continuously appraised, which offers a valuable competitive advantage and assisted the company and our clients, not only in navigating through these uncertain market conditions, but in taking advantage of them with a view to growing our strategic position (locally and globally).

Supply Chain Management plays an integral part in organisational endeavours and is an essential element to achieving operational efficiency along with client satisfaction and retention. At National Seaways, we actively and holistically manage our supply chain so that we can highlight (in real time) critical issues of significant importance to our organisation such as rapid growth, potential for growth, critical operational risks and environmental impact assessments etc.
Other benefits of a strong supply chain offers to a company include, but are not limited to, the following:
• Reduced costs
• Improved relationships
• Inventory reduction
• Enhanced revenues (up and down stream)
• Superior service quality
• Provision of a stronger platform for information sharing
• Improved process integration
• Strategic risk
• Better awareness of market competitors
• IT development
A strong Supply Chain must be regularly audited and must be proven to be Adaptable, Flexible, Accountable and Reliable at all times. The saying goes that “A Supply Chain is only as strong as its weakest link”. The same can be said of a company as a whole – if there are weak links in the Supply Chain it will cascade through the whole company, out to suppliers and ultimately to the end user. National Seaways Freight limited can assist our clients in routing out any potential weak links and in making their Supply Chain a leaner, more agile and ultimately a crucial and valuable element of their business.