Customs and Trade Facilitation

Our dedicated team of customs and trade experts has the expertise to ensure smooth and cost-effective cross-border trade.
Customs Clearance Agents
We offer a full range of services to ensure clearance for your shipment, regardless of the source and destination.

Seamless Solution
Our IT platform is integrated with the Irish Revenue Commissioner’s AEP/AIS system for seamless clearing of goods and can be connected the HMRC CDS, for clearance into the UK.
Experienced and Dedicated
We have a dedicated team for customs facilitation, some members have over 25 years experience in this area.
Documentation Management 
We can complete the import/export and transit declarations for all international supply chain requirements, covering all 3rd  countries including the UK. Our end-to-end customs clearance solutions include customs warehouse facilities if required.

Deferment Account
We offer deferment account facilities for clearance and payment of duty, which simplifies the process and reduces costs and administrative burden for our customers.    
UK Trade and Brexit
We have partners in the UK that provide us with a full suite of services, such as deferred account facilities, to ensure smooth trade in and out of the country. This enables us to minimise any disruption that might arise post-Brexit, as the EU’s trading relationship evolves with the UK.
Fiscal Clearance Non EU imports
Instead of going through customs clearance on their arrival in Ireland, we can clear non EU imports into hub ports such as Rotterdam and Antwerp. This eases cash-flow, because VAT is deferred until the importer’s next return, rather than paying it up front. 
We will continually evolve our IT platforms to ensure best-in-class on-line declaration and clearance.
Guidance and Advice
We can help you with information on areas such as customs and bonded warehousing, temporary importation procedures, centralised customs clearance, registrations required for export, international customs and guarantees, ATA carnets for temporary admission, tariff classification, certificate of origin  and regulatory or trade compliance in all markets.